August 15, 2015 - Norridge, Illinois
With the temperature close to 95 degrees and the humidity so thick it could be cut with a knife we did it again! Our last venture out into the public was back in 2007. Eight years later we still agree a road crew would be a wise choice as the equipment isn't getting any lighter, but it was worth it. This time out we had a great and very receptive audience! When we recorded a family keepsake CD in 2009 in memory of Fred, our significant others added vocals to a few songs. With a little coaxing (and only one rehearsal) our better halves joined in the fun. They sang on Hey Baby, Peppermint Twist, Joy To The World, Thank The Lord For The Night Time, New Orleans, and Rock Around The Clock. They are now known as "The Better Half"! Great job!!!!

Many thanks to all who came out that evening. Special thanks to Steve's son Tom for the use of his drone (aerial footage) and Mike C. for shooting street-level video and stills. Also to Dan's wife Donna for the great meal and John at The Music Store on Irving Park in Chicago for the PA rental.
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Girl With The Long Black Hair
Peppermint Twist
Hey Baby!
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Better Half