On Saturday September 8th after a 27-year hiatus, The Other Half decided to step out in public and provide entertainment at a block party in the Elgin/Bartlett area.   All in all it turned out pretty good - "short but sweet" - since we only played two sets before darkness set in and mosquitoes got the best of us even with Deep Woods Off.
It didn't take long to remember how much "fun" it was hauling gear around.  For some reason it seemed so much heavier after all these years!  (Thanks to all our volunteer roadies and Brian for loaning us his PA!)
One thing for sure, the "audience" just wasn't the same as it was in the good old days.
The Other Half 2007 Reunion Tour!
At least someone
got up to dance to our rendition of  "Barefootin" by Robert Parker!
Another fan dancing the night away
Who is this guy??
(Ok, so it was only one gig!)
Our original bass player Greg dropped in to cheer us on. The holding-his-nose thing must be a new way of saying, "That was really great!"
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