The New Colony Six
AC Rock
(a cappella Rock N' Roll - These guys are great!)
Beyond The Beat Generation
("Girl With The long Black Hair"  was on their playlist!)
This dude REALLY loves Girl With the Long Black Hair!
(Need we say more?)
(This site is an absolute gas!)
(Based in Hammond, Indiana from the same era)
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The Omens
1960's Slang
There was yet another "The Other Half" that was organized in 1964 at Hartwick College, Oneonta New York. The members being Jeff Lyman (vocals), Steve Harrigan (lead guitar and keyboard), Peter Lipsio (bass), Glenn Schenenga (rythm guitar) and Bob Kirsch (drums). The band performed together through out the North East from 1964 until 1968 when four of the five members graduated and went about their seperate ways. The band enjoyed a strong local collegiate followiing and had two hit 45's produced by Bell Sound (later Bell Records) in NYC. In August of 2008, the former members located one another once again following a forty year hiatus and plan a reunion in the near future. All members are retired professionals who long ago left their musical roots to pursue different carreers. We wish to express our condolences to the Chicago "Other Half" for their loss of their dear friend and Rythm guitarist, Fred. While he may be gone we are certain that he will never be forgotten!

 Peter Lipsio - The other "Other Half"
Received via Email Sept. 2008:
American Classic Cars of the 50's & 60's
(You Tube Video by philharmonic)
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Take Me back To The Sixties
(Sit back any enjoy!  This is the way it was)
Friends of The Other Half. Originally from Waukegan, IL now in California. Talented musicians keeping the 60's sound alive. Check 'em out!!!
Diamond Hands
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Thank you for contacting us Peter...and especially for the kind words regarding Fred.
Garage Rock Radio
"A way to revive the 60s music genres of Garage Rock, Psychedelic and Surf Music"
Another Other Half in Bournemouth, England!
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