Started playing alto sax in 4th grade, continued through H.S with the baritone. My cousin Rich taught me a few chords on the guitar (He lived right next door and played guitar in a band called "The X-Changers")  Took it from there with Fred's help and by trying to emulate what I heard on some of our favorite records back then.  ("The Other Half" was the only band I was ever in.)
Musical influences:
Favorite songs The Other Half used to play:
What's going
   on today:
"It all start's with a song."
Favorite bands/music today:
Favorite job or best memory:
Summary of my experience with "The Other Half":
Recording engineer with a small project studio; consulting work in the audio field; work on small engines out of the garage, wood working crafts.
Favorites are based on individual songs. I enjoy (almost) all styles of music.
Listed a few on the left.  Today, any well crafted song with a great melody, memorable hook and high production values is a turn on.  The New Colony Six was a great influence in many ways.  Thanks to Ray Graffia, Sr. it was an honor to get invited to one of their recording sessions after I got out of the Army.  Seeing what went on behind the scenes in a pro session got me hooked on recording engineering, producing, etc.
We stilI talk about the time I had a inebriated audience member trying to sing into my mic. The song was "Monday, Monday". I was tying to be nice but he was too insistent, and what happened next is so unlike me: During the big pause towards the end of the song I straight-armed him simply trying to push him away. He was so far gone that he stumbled backwards, fell down and slid across the dance floor on his butt. The band came back in without missing a beat! There was a moment of silence from the room, followed by laughter, then a huge round of applause.
Good Lovin' - Listen To The Music - Johnny B. Goode - Too many to name! Can't believe we didn't do any Colony tunes although we did give my favorite a shot once: "I Will Always Think About You". (Best left to The NC6!)
It was a great chapter in my life. Simple times, feel-good music, great memories. When I got drafted in '68 the guys sort of took my place and stuck close to my parents while I was away. Being an only child it meant a lot to my folks. Thanks guys!
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"No education is complete without music"
A sign at ElRey
Music has played a major role throughout my entire life, sometimes a "curse" but more often a blessing.  My biological father played drums and concertina and a deep appreciation of music was instilled early on.   Same applies to my cousin Rich.  Actually, both of our dads played at our christening parties!
My parents must have been more than "ok" with our musical endeavors because they danced to the only polka the band knew, and if you ever heard The Lichtenstein Polka played with drums, bass, and 2 guitars, you’d understand!  When my dad would yell out "Tumbling Tumble Weeds" we gave it our best shot and he loved us for trying. He eventually gave up asking for it just started yelling "One more time!" no matter what we played.  Mom's favorite was Release Me.  Remembering those days and our loved ones by playing their favorites when we jamb is one way we keep them in our hearts forever. 
My deepest appreciation to Jim and his wife for taking time out of their busy schedules to help me figure out this website stuff!  Many thanks to George, Fred, Craig, Greg, and Danny as well for dealing with  me throughout the website development.  Last but not least, my loving wife Carol for letting this website thing become an "obsession" for a little while, and her continued support in my musical endeavors.
"One of the things
 I miss in today's
music is a really
 great sax solo."
The Ventures
Bo Diddley
Chuck Berry - RIP
Paul Revere
& The
The Colony
BTO   -    CCR
Styx   -   REO
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