Although we lost touch for a while with everyone starting families etc., everyone in the band (except for Greg) remained in the same area.  As time went on we began to reconnect, and of course in 1985 we got together to discuss Tim Warren's offer to use our song.  George, Steve, Craig, and Jim decided to get together every-so-often to jam and reminisce.  It took a long time to work off the rust but the jam sessions were - and still are - priceless when you consider the laugh factor and story telling time.  Why we never tried to get Fred out earlier to jam with us remains unanswered even though we all saw each other from time to time at weddings etc.
We always wondered what Greg was up to - and where he was - so with Jim's computer savvy we learned he moved back into the Chicago area.  We immediately began to contact him and were quite concerned when Greg wasn't responding, but when we finally did connect I could have sworn we all heard the Hallelujah Chorus playing!  It took him a while to get back to us only because he was super busy with work and settling back in.
On April 30, 2006 "The Other Half" (Steve, George, Craig, and Jim) decided to get together once again for a jam session, only this time Greg and Fred were showing up too!  Fred hadn't seen Greg in nearly 30 years, and Jim hadn't seen neither in ages.  Fred had to cut out early, but Greg decided to stick around and jam.  He brought his Eko with too, but since it wasn't working Craig was gracious enough to let Greg use his bass.  We played some of our oldest (and easiest) songs as it was Greg's turn to work off the rust!  Steve was calling off some chords to Greg during one song when Greg suddenly yelled back, "Where the heck is a G?"  We laughed so hard we had to stop playing.
Fast forward to August 5, 2006:  This time Fred brought his Mosrite and Craig brought an extra bass.  Most of our "other halfs" were there too!  It was the first time all six of us were under the same roof.  These are Golden Memories.  Photo of all of us jamming that day can be seen here at the bottom of the page.
A small toast to a big reunion!
Over the years Steve eventually re-connected with Eric, the fellow who introduced him to Fred back in 1965 which led to the forming of The Other Half.  Eric and his wife decided to drive to Chicago one weekend for a visit.  At about the same time we were trying to get together to discuss doing a website, so Steve figured it would be a good weekend for the guys to get together if everyone was available.  No one in the band knew Eric was in town, and while waiting for everyone to show up Eric said, "It's been years since I've seen Fred".  At that moment Steve noticed Fred walking up the driveway and said, "That's about to change".  It was great!  We didn't get a heck of a lot accomplished regarding the website with George and Eric in the same room (they both have quite a sense of humor) but we did have a blast once we fired up the gear.  Eric took a video that day, but it's going to take a lot of bribery (and editing) to post a clip to this website!  Hey, you never know. 
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