Greg hurrys to get to a job on time!
 Fred's 1968 Charger
"First Prize" from the C.E.T.
Amateur Showcase!
This is the only other "gold record" in the studio. "Presented to 'The Other Half' for outstandingly average performances," from great neighbors, friends, and fans in Elk Grove Village.
On the left:
Our "gold record" hangs in the studio till this very day with the guys right above it.
Steve's 1970 1/2 Camaro
Steve's '63 Nova SS when the band
first formed
(Norm, we miss you!)
Above: Steve's "nightstand" when he was stationed in Germany.
Our first microphones
Our most talked about gig
Above: Framed picture taken at a 2010 reunion presented to all band members by Danny. (Thanks Dan!)
OMG..a Polk-A-Lay-Lee!!!
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As much as we appreciate the kind words from Crypt, the last statement isn't accurate as we were never aware of any "Battle of the Bands" contest. (Many thanks to Mike Dugo of for the scan.) It is with much regret that Mike had to shut down his Website. We are sure all of the groups Mike interviewed appreciate his efforts in keeping the garage band movement alive, and we're grateful for his continuing friendship and words of encouragement.
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