Our first TV appearance was February 9, 1967 on the Raul Cardona Show, an all Spanish-speaking talent show. (Thank goodness we knew La Bamba or we may never have gotten on the show!) We don't have any pictures, but the announcement on the left was saved from the company newsletter where George worked at the time.  The band was already setup off to the side and we can remember standing off camera for nearly the entire hour while other acts performed.  After a quick interview and announcement, we played "Girl With The Long Black Hair".  Before the song was finished the "red lights" went off on the camera(s).  It wasn't until we got home that we learned the credits were rolled over half our song.  We were invited back, and although we did make a second trip downtown, we opted not to appear.  Steve desperately continues to search for an audio tape since his parents recorded them off the TV that day.  
Our second TV appearance was The CET Amateur Showcase on July 10, 1967. Auditions were held at the WCIU studio located in the Lawrencewood Shopping Center in Niles, IL.
We played "Third Of January", and to our surprise went on to win first place. The prize: One Polaroid Swinger camera.
We were on our way to the audition Wednesday,
June 14th when we heard something on the radio about another band called "The Other Half" playing that weekend. We weren't about to change our name now, so the standing joke was we were The Other Half, and those other guys were The Other Half.  Our apologies to that "other" Half band, but thanks for all the free publicity! 
Our second TV
(The MC almost looks like Johnny Carson!)
"From high atop  the Board Of Trades Building Downtown Chicago!"
"C.E.T." stood for Chicago Engineers for Television who sponsored the program.
Check it out it on:
they were on television too?
Steve writes: "Why my mother only took pictures of me and not the whole band is beyond me. Mothers will be mothers I guess. Sorry Guys"
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