July 13 - Scaccio’s Pizza & Lounge (Our very first job)

 August 27 - Happy Tiger Lounge

 Unknown - Lorraine’s Chateau on Diversey Ave.

 December 17 - Fontana D’Ore (Wedding)




Feb. 9 - The Raul Cardona Show (Television Appearance)

May - George’s Dad’s Wedding

June 10 - Signode Picnic – Lemont – Tornado

July 3 - The Country Pub – Louie, Louie - "Unplugged"

July 10 - CET Amateur Showcase (Television Appearance)



(The '60's)
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1968 & 1969
  (Steve in the Army)
The job on July 3rd 1967 at The Country Pub was memorable to say the least. The most requested song was Louie, Louie, and the way things were going it seemed they weren't going to let us out alive if we didn't play it. Hard to believe it wasn't on our song list and up to that job we never played it in public, but how hard could it be with three chords? As for the words, you could hardly make them out on the record anyway so we gave it a shot. The crowd went nuts.

Sometime later we were playing another song and about half way through all we heard was Georges drums. Apparently someone had tripped over the main power cable. (At least that's what we assumed happen. Heck, Louie, Louie couldn't have been that bad.)
A few of the jobs we played throughout the years.