We don't remember much of the mixing process but how complicated could it have been back then? (Guessing 4-track) Then came the question: "How many records?" We didn't make the decision right there on the spot, but since we couldn't wait for our family and friends to hear something, we decided to have three acetates cut. Fred and Steve took home reel-to-reel copies too. We proudly walked out the building that day, instruments in hand, radiating with rock star luminosity, hoping that someone on Van Buren would notice the dudes that must have just got done recording their first record. It was so very cool.
 The Big Order
We took home blank order forms and a price sheet that day, and you can bet your sweet bippy that a few folks heard those acetates in the days that followed! After some careful deliberation we settled on 300 copies, the color of the label, layout, names, all the neat stuff that goes along with placing an order for records. 
We officially placed the order on May 27, 1967 and later that summer we received our 300 bright, shiny new records. It was like Christmas in August.
For anyone reading this that actually had records pressed back then, you must know what it felt like to finally have them in hand and connect with family and friends. The movie "That Thing You Do" has a scene in it when the band hears themselves on the radio for the first time. The feelings are very similar. Everyone we knew wanted one. George sent one off to a local radio station and it may have even gotten some airplay. Another may have found it's way into the jukebox at The Holiday Ballroom on Milwaukee and Lawrence in Chicago.
In his spare time Steve began mailing out these promotional records with a cover letter.  We still have letters in our archives from The Tonight Show, The Joey Bishop Show, RCA, and U.S.A. Records in Chicago to mention a few. Although most “No thank you” answers were the typical form letter it was a thrill just to know our record was heard and someone took the time to write us back.
One of three original Acetates ("Third Of January" is on the flip side)
More cool stuff!
Above: Steve's cousin (Rich) loaned George his Ludwig kit the day of our recording session.