Rhythm guitar; lead on instrumentals. Also started out with a home made amp; Fender Jaguar; then a Fender Pro Reverb. Eventually picked up a pretty blue Mosrite and you will see later. (Home made amps...what more could one expect from a DeVry student!)
Drums; lead and background vocals. Was 20 when he joined the band. The "spoksman of the group" during our jobs (a nice way of saying he did all the talking.) George had a way of communicating, getting us jobs, and giving away free non-existant pizzas.
Bass guitar and backup vocals. When Greg joined the band he was playing a Silvertone bass through a Magnavox bass amp. He switched to an Eko (a Hofner copy) that Greg used during a recent jam session. Ok, so the electronics need work...we all do after 40 years!
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Meet Our Newer Members
Lead guitar, lead/harmony vocals. 19 years old when the band was formed. First amp home made by Fred; first "real guitar": Fender jaguar. Decided to change the overall sound since Fred had the same guitar so switched to a Strat then a 1968 Telecaster. Eventually graduated to a Fender Twin Reverb with JBL speakers.
The Original Four