George's friend tries out for the band. She has a foot in the door since she's wearing the original coat George wore on TV!
Fred and Greg say hi after 29 yrs
Jim reuniting
with Greg
Steve's wife, Carol, sings her favorite!
George & Fred's wife,
 Barb, ham it up
Right: Two guitars, two basses, drums, keys, and four female backup vocalists/dancers (our "Other Halfs") all crammed into one 12 x 18 room. Who said "We're ready to go on tour"?
August 5, 2006
<<<  George and Fred compare "growth" over the years!
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Photo at left was taken at Georges retirement party in February of 2006. Craig was there but he slipped out only moments before the pic was taken.
L to R: Craig, Dan, Jim and Fred talk about the good old days at Georges retirement party.
Fred (L)reunites with
Eric after some 40 yrs.
"OMG...52 years!"