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Above is from the company's newsletter. The ones below taken the same day by the company photographer.
The photo on the right is the same company's picnic but during the summer of '73. We had protection from the elements and even got paid enough to rent a PA system. That's Steve Jr. taking a break after setting up for us. (We had a young road crew!)
We got rained out at this one. On the way home we heard on the radio that a tornado went through the grounds. The main entertainment had a covered stage...they also got paid more! It was a cool (but wet) job, and a lot of fun because we attracted a pretty decent crowd considering we were a year old band. The mic's were from Olson's Electronics (we called 'em our "ray guns") and we sang through our guitar amps.
Greg began using his Eko bass about this time! Hmmm, George is wearing the same clothes he wore the first day we met!
Signode Corp. Company Picnic - Lemont, Illinois