It's not very often you get to play at your own father's wedding, but George's dad asked and we couldn't turn down one of our biggest fans. If we were going to be a band we needed the experience of playing in front of a live audience! This job has a great story that we still talk about.

Greg (far left) came in late and didn't have anything to eat all day. Before our first set he had a drink, and we all know what happens after that first drink on an empty stomach! During the first slow song - Sleepwalk by Santo & Johnny - George glanced over at Greg. He appeared to be swaying in time to the music.
George just happened to look over again at the right time; Greg was swaying a little too much! George stood up and caught him by the collar just in the nick of time. If he hadn't caught him, Greg would have fallen right into the wedding cake. As you can tell by the picture on the right, Steve & Fred were too busy watching their fingers to realize was what going on. This would NOT be the right way to make a good impression on your first wedding crowd! (The cake was eventually moved out of range!)
Another wedding was at the Fontana D'Ore on December 17, 1966. You just don't see too many 3-piece bands playing weddings, especially two guitars and drums, but somehow we managed, even with just one polka under our belt: "The Lichtensteiner". We played it twice, when someone first requested a polka, then later in the evening when everyone forgot we already played it! "Never On Sunday" was the big song that evening, but the most memorable part took place during a break. A gentleman in a three-piece suit walked up to us, calmly handed us his card, and then asked what local union we belonged to. Our reply: "What's a union?" (We were musicians, not plumbers.) Being the professionals we were, we said we'd call him first thing Monday, and being the nice guy he was, he let us finish the gig. We never made that call.
(We'll call soon Henry, promise!)
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Our First Wedding - May 1967