We got a whopping ten bucks each!  Unfortunately you can't make out the logo on the bass drum too well ("The U.F.O.'s") but you can see Fred's home made guitar amp and our matching vests!  A lesson learned: During one of our breaks someone ask if a few guys could sit in using our gear. We figured why not, we may have been running out of songs anyway.  Fact is they we're better than us, or maybe they just knew what the crowd wanted to hear. (Perhaps a little of  both?)
A last minute gig during the fall of 1966 was at the Lorraine’s Chateau on Diversey Ave. just west of Central.  It was a family event, and when the guests began to get bored with the Polish albums that were being played, leave it up to a mother to say, “Gee, too bad the band can’t play.”  Steve ran to a pay phone, made two calls, and everyone met back at the house to pack up the gear.  We played for an hour or so, the popular song was “Everybody” by Tommy Roe, and it was our first experience with groupies.  All the young girls planted themselves in front of the band and simply stared!
(Our Second Job as The U.F.O.'s - still as a trio)
Early on the band focused on instrumentals. Vocals came later. We had maybe one song with a vocal for our very first job at Scaccio's Pizza, but when you forget the words to a song in front of an audience like Steve did (New Orleans by Eddie Hodges) it's amazing we didn't stick with instrumentals! As for originals, we didn't have many, and there wasn't a "primary" songwriter. We'd all just kick in with a chord progression and take it from there. George was always the one to come up with the words as he did with "The Girl With The Long Black Hair".
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The Happy Tiger Lounge - August 27, 1966
Norridge, Illinois