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I started playing drums at age 12.  My first set of drums was a no name brand ordered out of the Sears catalog.  I took lessons for many years at Associated Music which was in the 7600 block of Belmont in Chicago and was fortunate to have some dedicated and patient teachers.


I played in numerous cover bands during and after high school in the 70's, two of which were "Stormtrooper" and "Zipper". We played private parties, teen dances, grammar school graduations and bars, in the northwest suburbs. I joined The Other Half in 1978-79 just after purchasing a new set of black Slingerland drums. (I wish I still had them!) My drumming influences were of course Ringo Starr, but some of my other favorites were John Barbata,  Bobby Elliott, Hal Blaine,  Danny Seraphine, and Aynsley Dunbar. All you drummers out there know these guys! I have been a police officer in the northwest suburbs for 26 years and still play for enjoyment.

...and now
George broke a finger playing softball one summer and referred us to Dan to sit in on a job or two. After our first gig Steve handed Dan his share of the funds earned that evening and he thought someone else in the band got shorted! Apparently The Other Half was making better money back then compared to the teen clubs, sock hops, and other jobs Dan was used to playing!
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