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I believe I got my interest in music from my Brother and Sister who are older then me and by listening to all their records, and also from going to The Other Half band practices with my brother George who is the drummer for the band.

Prior to joining The Other Half my first band was Oak Park then we changed our name to Dice. We played a few freshman mixers at our high school and some parties at friend’s houses. After that band broke up, the guitar player and I formed the band Mercury. A year later I was asked to join The Other Half.

Since it was the late Seventies when I started with The Other Half, I was younger then the other members so my taste in music is a little different then theirs. My favorite bands were bands like The Beatles, Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Rush, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, The Blues Brothers and most Blues bands. I am a big Rock and Blues fan and still enjoy the same music today.

If someone were to ask what “The Other Half’s” sound was like I have to say fifties, sixties, seventies rock and roll (top 40 cover tunes) definitely a party /dance band. There are many songs we did that I love, but I know the guys would say that my favorite song that we did would be Smoke On the Water!

Favorite job or best memory:

I would say that I have many great memories but the one that sticks out the most was my very first job with the band. Greg, the Bass player was going to be out of town so my brother and Steve asked me if I would be interested in filling in for him and I did. The job was for a yard party that was given by none other then John Wayne Gacy, the killer clown, and we were set up in his garage.

I am currently in the service industry and I’m a on the road repair tech repairing floor-cleaning equipment in the Chicago land area. The Other Half still gets together a few times a year to play. I also play in a Rock band with two friends, but it is harder rock such as Led Zeppelin, Rush etc.

I would have to say that being a part of The Other Half was like a dream come true for me. I went as a kid to watch these guys in their infancy as a band and I idolized them. They got me interested in playing an instrument and I wanted to have a band just like theirs.

I have had so many good times at all of the band jobs we played and also at our get togethers now.

Even though George is my brother I feel like we are all family.
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