The Holiday Ballroom - 1968
Set up on stage behind a vintage Farfisa Compact organ (another band was setup in front of us). Can't remember who took the picture, but it was cool that our new logo on George's bass drum matched the decor.
Steve was drafted in 1968 and went through boot camp at Ft. Leonardwood, MO and another two months of AIT (Advanced Individual Training) at Ft. Sill, OK. Before getting sent overseas he received a two week leave which was of course spent at home.

During that two week leave someone heard that the infamous Holiday Ballroom on Milwaukee and Lawrence was holding auditions. Turns out we we're auditioning for the one and only "Screaming Wild Man", Carl Bonafede himself. As you can see, we were prepared with those blue sparkley coats, and probably played "The Girl With The Long Black Hair". What happened beyond that escapes our memory, but we did meet someone else that evening who apparently turned out to be a staple in the Chicago music scene: Ray Peck of Kiderian Records, and he wanted to manage us. We often wonder what would have happened if we signed on the dotted line. Peck even came over to the house sometime later to hear more of our stuff and offered us a contract, which is still in the band's memorabilia file. We were somewhat skeptical, not to mention that Steve still had an Army tour to finish up.
This was taken just before leaving for the Holiday Ballroom that evening, probably soliciting a few more friends to come out and cheer us on. (When's the last time you saw a guy in a '60's band with a haircut like that?)
If memory serves, our demo record may have found it's way into the jukebox at the Holiday Ballroom that night!
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